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Why Bother Stamp by SparkLum


King-Sombra-HEY-stamp by LaArka :icondoaninternetplz::iconpieflavorplz:

:icondiepotatoplz::iconsaysplz: Die potato!
:iconnottoday-plz::iconsaysplz: Not today.



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RP account and the account for my pony and other useless art: :iconxchocolatenekox:

I love Silver the Hedgehog and Tako Luka :heart:

Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepjeSilver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
STAMP Tako Luka by The-Last-Fallen-AngeOkiagare naiyoo stamp by NyaNyang


Flipping over a table in anger:
(╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Putting the table back nicely:
┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)
Throwing the guy who put the table back nicely:
(╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻
ಠ_ಠ Put
ಠ‿ಠ The Table
(╬ ಠ益ಠ) BACK!
┬┬ ノ( ゜^゜ノ) sorry

Chibi silver by Midowko
SilvAmy Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogYuri - Girls like it too by The-Yuri-Canon
I Love Silver Deal With It by darkfailure

Sonic series hardly cares about the cast anymore.. by VertekinsNo official pairings exist in Sonic games by VertekinsI Say... by CattishDawgStorybook series NAILED Sonic's personality by VertekinsSonic Fanbase Stamp by HTFNeoHeidiAgainst Suefication NOT Anti-Sally Stamp by VertekinsSilver stamp by HTFNeoHeidi
Sonadow Stamp -redone- by redshadow-online+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirlShuppet Stamp by 404fggtBanette Stamp by 404fggtBrock Obama Stamp by Kevfin Anti-Inflation Stamp by xBLOODYSMILExNO ONE GAVE A SHIT stamp by ScittyKittySilver needs respect by sahara-lynneMcNosehair Stamp by LightningChaos2010Displeased Shadow Stamp by Code-EBoots Stamp - SILVER VERSION by MasterGalladeSilver Stamp by FaezzaBig bro Stamp by FaezzaStamp: Gloves by Ze6Uncle Mephi Stamp by FaezzaPervy Sonic Stamp by FaezzaAsk Away Stamp by LightningChaos2010Crush 40 Stamp by MasterGalladeSilver Stamp by MasterGalladeExcalibur Sonic Stamp by MasterGalladeClobbering Stamp by LightningChaos2010Classic Sonic Rage Stamp by KevfinSonic Derp Stamp by KevfinEverybody Hates Chris Stamp by SuperSonicGirl79135Silver the hedgehog stamp by shadowhatesomochaoAnti Uncle Grandpa Stamp by Timscorpion(Request) Anti Uncle Grandpa Show Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Good morni--NO [STAMP] by The-Devious-WolfSteven Universe Stamp by The-Devious-WolfThe Amazing World of Gumball Stamp by The-Devious-WolfSilver the Hedgehog Stamp by TheHellboundAtheistSilver The Hedgehog Stamp by KevfinSilver Stamp 2 by NoNamepjeSilver Stamp by Psycho-PatheAnti stamp by MagikPantzAnti Breadwinners Stamp by Maddie2022It's for his own good by AClockworkKittenJB is a Jackass by GirlWithTheGreenHatI Love Red Stamp by GirlWithTheGreenHatAnti Sonally Stamp by SA948-StampsAmazing Person by SparkLumCorpse Party - Yoshiki Kishinuma Stamp by NekoHimeChamacorpse party stamp by SezukieCorpse Party Quote Stamp by KatsaNovariSeiko Fan stamp by Lpslover21Yuka Mochida Stamp  Corpse Party by LamentiStampsSatoshi Mochida Stamp - Corpse Party by LamentiStampsFeedback stamp by AnnchykaChip stamp by TheLeetCasualGamerNeutral Sonamy Stamp by MoonlightVegasSonic Meh Face Stamp by KevfinSilver Fan Stamp by FastmonVenice Fan Stamp by FastmonVenice Stamp by eternitysparkSilvamy Stamp by BatCrAcKeRsWhy Bother Stamp by SparkLumWhat's the Point Stamp by SparkLumNegative thinker-Stamp by DinoclawsI'm sure about it. by FelixV94xHopeless-Stamp by DinoclawsTalentless Stamp by SparkLumWhy Smile Stamp by SparkLumSilvAmy Stamp by SA948-StampsSilvAmy Stamp by SilverxAmySilvamy Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16I support... stamp by ARTic-WeatherShadow759 stamp by ARTic-WeatherSonic is Sexy Stamp by Chibi-Mars-Jane.:Support Shadow's Chest Fur:. by cnc16Stamp Silver by Tikal-chanDon't better ask what I did here. by Tea-StrawberrySilver the Hedgehog Stamp by Chibi-Mars-JaneSilver Stamp by SilverDrawing88S-S-S Stamp by yanin15Sonic, Shadow and Silver by MarlenesstampsI prefer Sonic music by MarlenesstampsReal Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphireSonAmy Winning Stamp by Janie7The7TigressWhat happens when a creeper plays soccer (STAMP!) by CocohorseI support Supergirl345 by supergirl345Opinions Stamp by bladebanditHamtaro Fan stamp by Atlanta-HammyOxnard Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammyJingle fan stamp by Atlanta-HammyBijou Fan stamp by Atlanta-HammyStan Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammySandy Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammyCappy Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammyPashmina Fan stamp by Atlanta-HammyKnuckles -Deal With It- Stamp (Request) by NatakiroSilver Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSI love you, cookie XD :stamp: by Sayuri-AmayaSuper Silver :stamp: by Sayuri-AmayaSonic's New Design Stamp by MephonixOn Sonic Boom's character designs by VertekinsHating characters due to pairings is stupid by VertekinsSonic's Voice Stamp by MsLunarUmbreonSilver get's plenty by TheLeetCasualGamerSonic OVA/Movie Stamp by FastmonStrange, isn't it? Stamp by seashellbySonic OVA Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsSonic OVA Stamp 002 by TheRosePrincePenelope Fan stamp by Atlanta-HammySnoozer Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammyHowdy Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammyBoss Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammyDexter Fan Stamp by Atlanta-HammyMaxwell fan stamp by Atlanta-HammyAnti Shadails stamp by SusiegirlSupport Shadamy stamp by LillyCrystalRe ShadAmy stamp by QTStartheHedgehogHATSUNE MIKU by loe081MEGURINE LUKA by loe081KAMUI GAKUPO by loe081GUMI by loe081MEIKO by loe081KAITO by loe081 done by :iconloe081: There so cute. <3

A href="…">What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

I feel like I'm mudda-fucking stuck
In this duck!
It makes me wanna quack!
Like... - sees ghost - WTF IS THAT?!

What Adventure Time Character Are You?
What Adventure Time Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime



Click Me!
( i barely got it so that's why its on Lv. 1 ._. )

Why Are YOU Evil?
Why Are YOU Evil?
Hosted By Anime

:iconfatdummyplz::iconsaysplz: TIME TO WORK OUT HARDCORE!

- a few hours later, all fat dummy has done is...-


Mitsu- Lucario- Pokesona
Shinobu- Banette
Reaper- Scizor
Onslaught- Hydreigon
Echo- Shiny Meloetta
Cynthia- Shiny Sneasel
Josephine- Kirlia
Mercedes- Mawile
Tsuki- Meowstic
Blaze- Shiny Victini
Patches- Pachirisu
Pierce- Pawniard
Jacob- Emolga
Dustin- Minccino
Suzi- Lopunny
Nigel- Gallade
Sylvia- Sylveon
Fionne- Shiny Phione
Madison- Shiny Gothorita

Caitlin- Hedgehog- Sona
Yami- Fox
Olivia- Cat
Mariko- Cat
Roxanne- Raccoon
Arisa- Hedgehog
Bandito- Ferret

There are more to come!

Current Pokemon Team

:iconhydreigonplz: Hydreigon Male Lv. 99
:iconzoroarkplz: Zoroark Male Lv. 41 ( Training )
:iconaudinoplz: Audino Female Lv. 40 ( Training )
:iconvivillonplz: Vivillon Male Lv. 58
:iconcelebiplz: Celebi Lv. 45 ( Training )

<Ahref="…">What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime <Ahref="…">Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
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What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime


5. :iconmetalsonicplz:
4. :iconknucklesplz:
3. :iconamyroseplz:
2. :iconsonicplz:
1. :iconsilverthehedgehogplz:


9. :iconflorgesplz:
8. :iconhydreigonplz:
7. :iconluxrayplz:
6. :icontalonflameplz:
5. :iconbanetteplz:
4. :iconscizorplz:
3. :iconampharosplz:
2. :icongarchompplz:
1. :iconlucarioplz:, :iconcobalionplz:, or, :iconmeloettaplz: ( i can't make up my mind to save my life )

What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Why the fuck am I not surprised that I keep getting Shadow?

What Sonic Heroes Team Are You?
What Sonic Heroes Team Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Type Of Dere Are You?
What Type Of Dere Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
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Why the hell does everybody ignore me

" Remember the time you dropped you're ice cream? Well, the next time that happens, YOU PICK IT UP AND EAT IT...BIATCH. "

" What was you're favorite part? "
" Well... my favorite part was... "
" I liked that part too. "
" Bitch, let me finish. "


" You think you're Sanic but then you don't know... You know? "

" If you want a straight face you gotta... sacriface. "

" If you ain't flap before, you ain't flap before. "


I don't like Sonamy. Please respect my opinion. kthanxbye <3


Did I mention I LOVE asdfmovie?

Throw the CHEESE by JustAutumnI am a Steg-O-Saurus by JustAutumnasdfmovie stamp by ColorcatcherI like trains by ARTic-WeatherPOTATO STAMP by KayleeInuzukaASDF Movie Stamp by ingart15Pie Flavour stamp by XinahsHello Parking Meter by JustAutumn
Now that I'm trying to draw with it, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. XD
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